Kartel Ltd- dry construction - About us

In 2002 we have registered the company Suhstroy ООD - the town of Pleven and two years later we separated the activity into two different companies: "Suhstroy" and Kartel ЕOOD.


From the very beginning of Kartel Ltd. пin 2004 with headquarters and address of management the town of Pleven, we offer the dry construction services at a high level not only in the area but in the entire country. Guaranty for our approach without compromises towards the quality is that we train our experts by ourselves and that we put high requirements in front of them. Our managing technical team has gone on various stages through all levels in the structure of Kartel, and this ensures a good continuity and creates excellent organization for working at the sites.


As a specialized expert in the dry construction, Kartel invests and shall continue to invest in its development. Our teams are mobile and perfectly equipped technically, which provides the opportunity for high rentability. We have the necessary human and technical ressource for performance of more bigger investment projects.


The management and the technical control ensure the necessary good discipline and in extreme situations one should react quickly and adequately.


Our relations towards the customers are based on mutual trust and loyal partnership relations. Together with them we determine the best and profitable way for achieving the common goal - planning of costs.



"The company has a good material and technical base and qualified personenl and offers quick and quality work." (BG)



"The team of Kartel Ltd. - leading experts with the necessary knowledge, professional experience and training and qualified workers - has completed the project in compliance with the necessary norms and within the deadline. We have convinced ourselves that the company has been equipped with high quality and modern mechanisation, which guarantees good results in the work, satisfying the requirements of the investor. Our mutual work with Kartel EOOD has convinced us in the profesional behaviour and correct attitutde of the company." (BG)

eng. Hr. Turpenov, NIA Ltd.


"Company Kartel Ltd has convinced us in its professionalism as managers and workers, it has proven itself as a loyal, reliable and correct partner, which we recommend to investors, holding on quality and precise execution of construction and assembly works." (BG)



"The company has experienced team with the necessary qualification, professional preparation and quality mechanization." (BG)

Petar Yonchev, Buildinvest


"Kartel Ltd. has proven itself to be a loyal and reliable partner." (BG)

eng. V. Neshkov, BETONEX


"Kartel Ltd has the high qualified experts and mechanisation. The obligations taken are performed in due time in compliance with the project and technical requirements and with very good quality. During the performance one strictly observes the valid normative documents. We have excellent impressions from the work of "Kartel" EOOD and we recommend to their future partners to rely on the correct and bussiness orientated cooperation. There are no claims with regard to the execution and the used materials..." (BG)

Todor Gramov, MALL Pleven