Kartel Ltd- dry construction

From the very beginning of our existence, Kartel Ltd. is a certified company for assembly of Knauf, and the offering of specialized high quality construction services in the area of the entire inner construction of buildings in the method of dry construction makes our activity in a widely demanded at the market. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior solutions, as in this way we give our contribution in the popularization of this type of construction, aiming at making it more affordable for the end user.


One of the main advantages of the dry construction are:


- Excellent ratio between quality and price;

- Quick assembly and shortening to a very significant degree of the terms for construction works;

- Covering of the requirements for sound insulation, heat insulation, acoustics and fire resistance;

- The construction waste are minimized;

- Optimum way in case of restoration for rational, quick and meanwhile efficient and functional solutions;

- Small weight, ecologicaly clan, biological, natural, form-like, humidity resistant (plaster faser, cement board), regulatring the climate and accumulating the heat construction;

- Excellent base for surface of paint, coverings, decorative putties and coverings;

- The wet processes are minimized.

Kartel Ltd. performs entire assembly and delivery of the following modules:


- Partition stand walls with high degree of heating and sound insulation;

- Suspended ceilings made of plasterboard, plaster faser and mineral faser;

- Decorative interior suspended ceilings;

- Linear suspended ceilings;

- Prewall coatings for wall;

- Dry masonry for walls;

- Acoustic coating of walls and ceilings for studios and cinemas;

- Dry and elevated floor;

- Fire protection and heat insulation of underroof rooms and metal workshops;

- Facade prewall heating insulation coatings of walls with mineral wool, cement board or plaster faser;

- Turbosole lime cement and plaster putties;

- Machine made plaster ground coats and painting services;

- Decorative putties;

- Sanitation of buildings.